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Feral & Domestic cats

Domestic Cats

Loved by owners and adored by children. This site is about bringing balance to  the discussion. As this site develops interested people can participate by submitting article and making comments on their Facebook page. Both feral and domestic cats can be a pest and solutions can be discussed.

Feral Cats 

A descendant  of the African wild cat (Felis silvestris lybica), the common ‘house’ cat (Felis catus) has now been domesticated for about 4000 years. Although the domestic cat has a long history of association with humans, it retains a strong hunting instinct and can easily revert to a wild (feral) state when abandoned or having strayed from a domestic situation.

Semi-feral cats live around dump sites, alleys or abandoned buildings, relying on humans by scavenging rubbish scraps and sheltering in abandoned structures. The true feral cat does not rely on humans at all, obtaining its food and shelter from the natural environment.