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Mission Statement.

No Cat Zone strives to find common ground between pet cat owners and environmentalists. Both camps have a legitimate viewpoint when explained respectfully.

A respectful discussion

  • Will not promote hatred of any subject.
  • Is not racially motivated.
  • Does not promote or degraded any religion.
  • Allows others to have a point of view.
  • Spans the political divide.
  • Contributes to collective understanding.
  • Promotes respect.

Everyone is invited to submit an article. Apply here

Your article will be available to share with Facebook users opening a discussion at a local level. Your article will be respected as your viewpoint. Of course subject to the rules about respectful discussion.

You are invited to participate in an open discussion about the problems and solutions of roaming cats that face many countries and suburban communities.

Some people have a louder voice than others. On this site we all have an equal voice.

The views being canvassed are from the whole community, older people have a life time of experience whilst younger children can have a refreshing point of view and of course we need a professional perspective.

There is no right or wrong only appropriate and inappropriate content.

So we have rules:

Appropriate content is about cats from your point of view.

Inappropriate content does not use offensive language.

Inappropriate content does not promote explain or justify cruelty. 

No Cat Zone reserves the right to publish or not publish. Publish with minor editing to meet decency standards but not change the meaning.

Children, senior citizens and all those in-between should feel comfortable reading through this site.