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Alien vs Predator. Predator played by a large python and Alien played by a local mogie stand in went head to head after the headline ratings. Predator won, Alien lost. It could have turned out different but the experience of Alien showed through after it put the squeeze on moggie. Alien was a victim of cuddles and hugs and didn't get the difference until it was too late. Realizing only too late how this was going to play out Alien took one for the team.

 Alien Vs PredatorPredator couldn't care less. "I have waited for for many years to get one back on Captain Beaky and his Band of bushrangers." Alien said with a funny grin. See the original attack on Slippery Sid here on YouTube. "I am just too pleased to get one back for my team" Said Alien as he silently withdrew.



Back ground to this story is here



The attempt a humor here is to demonstrate vigilance.


Oftentimes we are warned to keep our cats away from danger and this is cloaked in responsible cat ownership as a way of protecting wildlife.


There are real dangers for our pets and we must be vigilant. In this case moggie got to close to the wildlife. As humans

 our encounters with a 3.3m (11') python are going to be rare but as this story illustrates keeping moggie safe is the same as protecting the wildlife.


So unfortunately we have to embrace the label of responsible. That really is the message.



Maybe no real consolation for the owners of this little moggie but we do need to pay heed to the message. You may not have 3.3m (11') pythos roaming through your suburb but there are dangers. Many dangers and responsible ownership is managing those dangers.



For those among us with children we do not just let them go! That is we do not just let them roam. This needs no explanation from parent perspective because the label responsible parents goes with the territory. This is more than love it's responsibility.


Same too with all the moggies that are part of our family. Yes responsible pet ownership is taking responsibility for their welfare not just a reaction to protecting wildlife it's taking responsibility when something goes wrong.


Stay safe and keep those that look to you safe.