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Dulcie Anderson is 81 years old and will continue to spend the majority of her pension on the 20 resident cats.

This is sad because who wants to go up against a 81 year old and yet what she is doing is clearly wrong.

An animal lover and career of kittens she has a heart, what she doesn't know or want to know is that this misplaced compassion.

There are many in our community that will applaud here stand. Will support her defiance unders the misguided banner of cat welfare.

This situation is not rare or exceptional, many people in society hoard cats, that is they don't own them but treat them as transient or even homeless and if they turn up for dinner it's there for them.

The voice recording transcript is here Two of her companion cats have been desexed and the hope is to find foster homes for the rest.

The only solution here is public education and awareness.  The council and other authorities will only enforce regulations and of course they understand why the regulations exist.

People like Dolcie do not understand why we have these regulations and rules. So for them civil disobedience is an easy call. With a little education about the issues involved Dolcie and other committed animal lovers can be and are reasonable people. By understand the RSPCA view own companion cats in society, where cat ownership is appropriate and when not appropriate, they will also assist  to resolve the cat hoarding situation people find themselves in.

This situation will be resolved to Dolcis satisfaction because whilst the authorities have a duty to act according to the regulation and statutes Dolcie's age and sensibilities will be taken into consideration.

If Dolcie knew the the diseases that cats transmit into flower beds, childrens sand pit or to water sources or the danger to pregnant women she may not have got no his situation. Dolcie didn't see any of that, what she saw was vulnerable kittens that needed a home and food. What clouds the vision for Dolcie and people like Dolcie is cute playful and very entertaining cats and kittens with a perceived vulnerability. The only real solution is education and patience with all the dolcie's in our community.