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How many feral cats inhabit Australian wild areas

The real answer seems to be  -

  • What day is it
  • What season is it
  • What cat-astrophic events are impacting the environment (sorry - no pun intended - but smile anyway)
  • What is the availability of food 

These are question that have a direct impact on feral cat populations.

Environment Minister Greg Hunt has pledged new money to help community groups trap and eradicate feral cats. 

"There are up to 20 million feral cats taking up to four native Australian animals a night. That is over 20 billion Australian native species being destroyed a year," Mr Hunt saifon ABC's Landline on November 2. 

According to the ABC Fact Check it is unverifiable.

Does a claim that is unverifiable mean the the claim is invalid. Or does it mean that it is possible 

ABC Fact Check 

ABC Fact check puts the wrong spin on information.  

The question is how many feral cats are there in Australia. If you are brave or foolish enough to put a number on it, ABC Fact Check will judge your claim as unverifiable. 

The esteemed ABC Fact Checker program may start to loose point if it uses this choice of words when a more accurate Fact Check would be Possible. It's possible because it is also probable as opposed to impossible!!

This is a little more than just semantics, a few simple sums with conservative numbers and the problem can easily be seen as catastrophic.  

Read more about Greg Hunt's claim of feral cat populations and the devastating effect of predation. Even if you cut it in half it is a massive problem.

Go To Fact Check

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