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WE all have views.

Here is an opportunity in a respectful way to express your view.

It's really quite simple. 

  1. apply here for a login password
  2. Login
  3. Choose submit an article.
  4. Write your article
  5. Choose a category. (Feral cats - Domestic Cats - Australian Wildlife)
  6. Publish your article. 
  7. Congratulate yourself for contributing to a serious subject that need public discussion.

You can have confidence that your view will be shown respect. (contributor rules)

Why would you contribute an article? For all the many reasons I could list it probably comes down to one reason. - Because you can and because you care.

Many people love their cat and are distressed about the conversation about cat control.

Others may find that all cats are threat to wildlife.

 On this site you can create  an article and assign it to a category. The value of this is your article will be read by like minded people.

An article about domestic cats would be in the Domestic Cat category and you assign the category when you publish.

If it end up in the wrong category a moderator will assist and assign it correctly.

You will always be able to edit your article.

No Cat Zone is not about hating cats but getting community understanding where and how they fit in a modern  society with competing pressures like extinction of species, loss of habitat, feral predation while at the same time recognizing people have cats as pets, some cats are abandoned, some cat owners are more responsible than others and what would happen to mice and rat communities if all cats were removed from the suburbs. Finally what about the neighbour who encourages birds into the garden or has fish and is witness to constant visits from local domestic cats stalking or used the vegie patch as a toilet, the children's sand pit. The issues are many and complex.

There are many views to this topic are you are warmly encouraged to share yours.